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About the web

Would you like to know where you can taste a new kind of beer or homebrewed beer? Do you long for excursions in Czech breweries? Would you love to visit beer events? Do you want to see other attractive places while going round breweries? Are you interested in the history of beer? Do you want to relax in beer spas? Are you eager for your first brew? Are you just looking for interesting tips on how to spend a sunny day and enjoy the famous Czech national drink? Then the website www.czechbeertourism.com is the right source of information for you.

Beer tourism is a new dynamically developing form of gastronomic tourism. Those in it are motivated for searching for new experiences that are different from common days. Traditional Czech drink serves as the main impulse while getting to know unique places connected with beer tourism and associated tourist adventure. The attention of new visitors is tempted to beer producers and this fact also supports the national cultural development.

The website was created because of brewing promotion and getting to know not only natural wonders in the Czech Republic. We would like to provide a uniform information system that will offer a detailed summary of beer tourism activities in the Czech Republic for native and foreign visitors. You can find here a perfect inspiration for pleasant and helpful activities and we hope that you will be glad to return to those places in the future again.

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