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Our story


I got on to beer wanderings thanks to an ancient tradition that has been kept in our family through generations. According to this age-old custom that was started by my great-great-great-grandfather Frantisek Zahonek, men in our family, and later even women, every year travel round our country and enjoy the taste of our traditional goldish drink.

His son, Josef Zahonek (*1862), followed the tradition and set out on the trip with Alois Sispera, a friend from primary school.


The third one was my grandfather’s uncle, Frantisek Zahonek (*1889), who had a similar plan. However, the fate decided otherwise and Frantisek got to the area of today’s Kirghiztan, close to Przevalsk, where he later took up his residence. The following photograph (taken in 1955) shows that beer has always had beneficial effects on my ancestors. Frantisek Zahonek, at the age of 67, is doing an outstanding handstand.

FZ stojka

My grandfather, Josef Zahonek (*1926), carried on with the heritage as well. He even arranged a bus trip not only for his co-workers but for their partners as well. Everybody enjoyed it and since that time women have joined beer tours, too.

JZ bus

Bohumil (*1950), my uncle, was the fifth one and came up with a pioneering idea. He started a tradition of bicycle beer pilgrimage when he hit the road with his friends.

The following one should have been my cousin Marek (*1970). However, he decided to try something different and did not carry on with the family groove.

BL1BL2 And that was the opportunity for me and my friend from university, Tomáš Novotný. We started our bicycle beer touring in the summer of 2012.

At the beginning of summer 2012 we were planning our unforgettable one-week-beer-wanderings round some selected breweries. Our aim was to visit them and taste various kinds of beer. We were looking for a website that would provide us enough information about all things we were interested in. Unfortunately, we could not find such a web page. In order to plan our beer pilgrimage in a perfect, way we had to search websites of all the breweries circuitously, inquire their opening hours, beer offer or the possibility of excursions. It was also very necessary to know the following things: if the breweries have affiliated restaurants, where one can have something to eat; if they provide some accommodation or if there is a hotel, guest house or camp nearby; how to get there easily; if sport and cultural activities can be found not far from chosen places etc.


The planning took us a lot of hours and we were disappointed many times. Required information was often missing or was not updated. As fans of home-brewing and golden drink patriots, we decided to create this unique web page for the purpose of uniform informing for beer tourists. You can find here all substantial data in order to plan your own trip quickly and easily. The interactive event calendar shows lots of different beer events, celebrations and festivals. You can visit beer museums, relax in beer spas, brew your first own beer, enjoy cycling along beer tracks and other sports activities, visit natural monuments, cultural events and much more. We try simplifying your beer wanderings.

Michal Urbánek, Tomáš Novotný

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